Late night musings…

It fascinates me what people value in life, and what we cling onto… Fame, wealth, popularity, ‘fashion’ – whats all of that going to do for you in the long run? Unless you’re that one in a million who actually ‘makes it’, whatever that entails, the rest of the world is going to forget about you after you die, and chances are your cognitive dissonance will mean you never feel really satisfied in life, unless you can delude yourself into thinking you’re achieved all you ever wanted.

I personally think that we’ve centered our world around all of these things because a small part of (some of) us realizes that we are in fact just tiny insignificant beings on a big rock flying through space, and that as much as we like to think we are important and everything is about us – we are of absolutely no importance in the grand scheme of things. It’s from this that we stem our compulsion to create a society that dishes out responsibility and more importantly – meaning.

It’s not all bad though.Β I suppose even though we are small and essentially living out our days only because we happened to be born, it’s quite impressive that we have created a society, and a structural system within that warrants us with enough meaning and self-given significance to satisfy our most base question: why do I exist? We may not have significance as far as the universe is concerned, but as creatures with consciousness we’ve gotten to the point where we’ve created our own significance, and that’s good enough for us – simply because there is nothing else.

But why are we here? The truth to this answer (at least to me) is that we’re here because we were made (through evolution, mind – I’m not religious in the slightest). No meaning, we just live because we do. I know that answer won’t please most people, especially not the religious, but it’s the most simple and logical one I can see.

Through physics and biology we were spawned, and blessed/cursed with the consciousness and ability to ponder our own existence. I suppose the next logical step is to try to find a way off the time bomb that is Earth, not only because Earth has an expiry date, but to satisfy our curiosity of the greater universe.


…okay so that got a bit side-tracked from what I was originally going to write about, but I can’t stop my mind from wandering!

One thought on “Late night musings…

  1. Snowflakes says:

    I admire you. You know why? Cause you sound like the opinionated type. And as much as I like that, I’m kinda scared. For you. And I already feel a connection to you. I stumbled across your article from the Google web search while collating info for my philosophy assignment and, it scares me that your opinion towards life and it’s meaning (why we were created/ our purpose) is so… Limited. There’s so much you don’t know. So much. And you seem like someone who’d die..still not knowing,thinking that you do. I have just one statement to make to you, owner of this impressive blog site . Search for truth within the lies you tell yourself. I hope that I didn’t sound mean and rude. I totally didn’t mean to sound like that. I love you, as if you i’d known you. I just hope you don’t leave this earth without figuring truth for yourself. Or else, you’d have wasted your existence. Never finding purpose. Talk more of fulfilling it. Stay happy and smart 😊. Goodnight dear.

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