Hypocritical, overly cynical ♡

Having re-read my last post, I felt I should clarify something just in case anyone actually keeps tabs on me.


I am a little bit of a massive hypocrite.


I say this because I despise watching people fall into states of ‘OMG that shirt/skirt/ect is sooo this season’, only concerning themselves with superficial things like clothes, shoes, makeup ect… but on the other hand I am a girl, so through rigorous shaping and social influences I find myself doing the exact same thing.

I console myself in the fact that I’m not like that 100% of the time, and that I rarely give more thought to fashion than ‘oh that’s cute and it’d look good on me, I’ll buy it if I see it when I’m at the shops’.


So, I apologize in advance.

What do you think?

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