It’s crazy.

I ask you, next time you’re out – just stop somewhere and take a minute to observe all the advertisements, all around you.

Have we really gotten to the point in society where companies are not above desperately vying for our ever-shortening attention spans by spamming logos and slogans everywhere?

Who am I kidding, of course it has.

I’m not saying that advertisement is bad. The vast majority of it is quite clever in fact  – I interned at an advertising company for a month a few years ago, and my sister is in the industry, so I know a little bit about how they’re created! It’s just a bit overwhelming how much of it that there is out there. So much so that I think we’ve learnt to ignore it, meaning companies have to go bigger and louder each time to gain our attention over the rest, which isn’t their fault, it’s just what happens when seeking attention.

It’s a downward spiral.

And then there’s the new ads popping up in places they weren’t in before… youtube, facebook (in significantly increased volumes, I know they were there before but still!), I mean – really? I know I don’t speak for the majority at all, but if it’s YOUR ad that keeps me from watching things on youtube by holding me ransom for anywhere up to a minute, then I can personally say I will do everything in my power (within reason) to NOT buy your product.

I guess the only power we still have is to not fall prey to the masses of advertising. Sure, they can tell us to buy product X over facebook, youtube, pop-up ads, on trains, busses, and bus stops, and just about anywhere else, at the end of the day I like to think that if I don’t buy their product, I win. Unless it’s something I wanted anyway, in which case the advertisement wasn’t needed in the first place.


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