Culturally lost

I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

Throughout my childhood I’ve had friends of all nationalities, British, Chinese, Australian, just about everything – and all of them have had their history, their ancestors from their homeland. Then there was me, who – half Scottish, half Filipino – who couldn’t really identify with either.

If you get to know me, I am absolutely nothing like your average Filipino, and on the other hand, I’m not exactly your typical Scotsman either! If pressed I suppose I identify with Hong Kong the most, however I have no biological ties to the place, and the only real link I have is that I was born and raised there.

I did get a bit jealous, come every pseudo ‘cultural day’ (merely a way for the school to show off as many nationalities as they could boast), I always ended up clinging onto the Scottish roots of mine, making jokes about Haggis and whatnot.

Although with all that said, Hong Kong is the best thing I have to home, and despite the fact that when I’m there I’m surrounded by people who have a better claim to it than I do, I’ll still call it home over anywhere else.


What do you think?

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