Everybody’s the wrong colour.

Why is it that white girls try so hard to be tanned, but tanned (also asian) girls try so hard to be white?

I’ve lived in Hong Kong for all my life (until last year when I moved to Australia for university) – and was constantly bombarded with advertisements boasting asian women who had white skin as ‘perfect’ and ‘beautiful’. From what I’ve read this stems from media, with the success of South Korean soap operas, starring white-skinned women.

On the other hand, you’ve got pale-skinned girls who go tanning to get darker skin – to the point where they’re willing to go to tanning salons, perhaps the worst kind of modern-day ‘beauty’ contraption of them all!

It doesn’t make sense. Nobody seems to be happy with what they’ve got.

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3 thoughts on “Everybody’s the wrong colour.

  1. bittercharm says:

    Oh I know what you mean, I used to find my self to be pretty fair skin back home (India) and here in Netherlands I feel darker than ever and this unforgiving Europian sun has left me tanned in a pattern I can’t even dare to bring up.

    • domccus says:

      Yeah I’m the same – I grew up feeling pretty comfortable back home in HK, but then every summer I’d travel to Scotland and feel a bit out of place surrounded by very pale skinned people! Hahah don’t get me started on tans, I’ve had some shockers!

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