Street Food

Is is just me, or does the presence of street food vendors have a significant impact on the general weight of a population? I reckon it does, in that having small quantities of food readily available at all hours of the day keeps one’s hunger down (so to avoid binge eating when it comes to meals), but also the constant snacking helps to keep your metabolism going strong.

I’m going to make another comparison here between Eastern and Western cultures. Back in Hong Kong, and in other places including China, Korea and Singapore – the streets are always stocked with plentiful amounts of street food vendors. The population? Always snacking, and for the large majority (no pun intended), fairly skinny.

Now on the other hand we have Western societies such as Australia and the UK. Now these places, whilst snacks are still available, they come from shops and on the whole seem to be much less healthy, and also more inaccessible. I think this pushes people towards going for a full meal in a restaurant more often when they’re only hungry for something small.

Another thing I’d like to add here, both Western and Eastern societies could potentially claim fast food restaurants such as McDonalds as ‘street food’, but I think this only works against them as far as health is concerned. To me, street food is only good when it’s being made fresh and in large batches (as can be seen in the top photo). A lot of foods Western society has to offer are either deep fried, baked, or just on the whole not all that good for you!

I wonder if people will ever truly cotton on to this correlation. It’s already been established in health publications that having small portions of food throughout the day – as opposed to several large meals with long intervals in between – are highly beneficial in weight loss and healthy eating. It’s up to the society and the individual to take this into account and do what they want with it.


What do you think?

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