There’s just something intrinsically within me that looks to care for animals, or at the very least (for spiders and other creatures I’d much rather avoid) there is something inside of me that does not wish to see animals get hurt or killed. I know I can’t speak for everybody – as no one really can – but I think there is something very wrong with people who like to hurt animals, or simply don’t care when one dies.

One particular type of person I’ve seen this lack of emotion in is the ridiculously wealthy and spoilt child. Back in Hong Kong, I lived in a pretty rich estate, and was neighbors to some very wealthy families. My nieces befriended the child next door – let’s call her Jane – and I was very interested in the way she was being brought up. Her mother and father were distant, and to make up for it they bought her everything she could ever want and more. Jane obviously grew up to be completely spoilt, and presumably from having anything and everything – she lost the value things held.

From my time living next door she had turtles, fish, and a dog. The latter of these animals I feel the most pity for. It was a little chocolate poodle, which presumably for the sake of it not causing a mess in the house (heaven forbid anyone to actually spend time with the thing and toilet train it) – was kept in a small wire cage, about a meter long and half as high.

Now, anybody who knows dogs understands that a dog needs space. This poor thing was stripped of the very right to move, and the girl told stories to my nieces about how the dog ‘didn’t like her’. I don’t blame it! I was too young to have the confidence to report it, but if I had my time again I would have called on the RSPCA to take the dog away from her – along with any other animals they could get their hands on.

But the thing that saddens me the most is that while there is no proof for it, this is undoubtedly happening all over the world as I write this. Hundreds (or even more) animals being kept in unfair conditions, and then abandoned because the person lost interest or wasn’t receiving the undeserved love they thought a pet would unconditionally give in any circumstance.

People have tried to combat this with the wave of ‘A dog/cat/rabbit isn’t just for Christmas/Birthdays/Ect’ campaigns, and I’d like to think that globally this has saved a large number of animals, but in reality there are always people who ignore the signs.

It’s not just rich people I have an issue with, for they’re not the worst pet owners. The worst by far are those who have animals and intentionally hurt them. The kind of people you hear about on RSPCA reports, who get some sort of pleasure from hurting them. It is upon these people that I wish the most horrible and torturous punishment, however with human rights acts and whatnot these people rarely see more than a fine and a slap on the wrist.


What do you think?

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