Dear girls everywhere, leggings are not pants.

I’m not quite sure what to write here, as the post title kind of sums it all up.

If you’ve been out about in the past say, 5 years, you’ll have seen this at least once or twice. Teenage (and older) girls in a top, leggings, and not very much else. Now I’m all for freedom in fashion, but really? There should be some general rule (common sense anybody?) that you should not be allowed to have your arse on show to anybody and everybody in the streets. I don’t care if you have the nicest backside in the world, have some decency!

I’d like to think as a general rule of thumb – if the top/cardigan/jumper/ect you’re wearing doesn’t cover your crotch, then you need to be wearing something else over your leggings.

Also.. what is up with the stupidly bold/crazy patterns they’re using now? I use Supré as my example, for they seem to be the source of setting these hideous trends in Australia at least.. Have a look for yourself at the ‘hot’ new prints they’ve been rolling out recently:

…and how to wear them, you ask? …they suggest something like this:

Thanks to some unsubtle photo editing, these legging on the models seem relatively decent to wear, but any girl of realistic proportions will find the look a bit less flattering. Add to that the constant message of ‘wear them out without a skirt/shorts over the top!’ being plastered in every blog and magazine, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster… at least for the eyes of every other person who is then burdened with the sight of them.



4 thoughts on “Dear girls everywhere, leggings are not pants.

  1. mylittlebexi says:

    Haha, I like what you’ve done here, I half agree and half disagree. I think it depends on how thin the leggings are to start with, if their see through (you know the kind) it’s a massive NO GO and if you’ve got yourself a camel toe!

  2. Lankan Kolla says:

    Yes , this article is about a complete truth. Some pervert girls used to show up their camel toes, back sides. Our stupid girls taken that as a fashion and now they show their butt everywhere they go. These days it is hard to find a girl who doesn`t wear a legging. Anyway I always love to see some nice butt, or camel toe. I know all males are like the same, So girls please cover up yourself, wear something which is decent. And not SEXY. Thanks

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