Pasta… for breakfast!

Back when I was a kid, I thought about nutrition a lot (as I was playing lots of sports, also probably because I had a homework assignment relating to it), and I came upon a rather good idea. Why not eat pasta for breakfast? It was already assumed that I would be doing enough exercise to burn off the energy from the carbs, also I just really loved pasta – still do!

So from then on from time to time, whenever I had enough time and energy to make it, I’d have either mac and cheese, spaghetti, or some other pasta (leftovers were ideal) for breakfast! My family thought I was a bit odd, and I mean I suppose I don’t blame them, pasta in the morning isn’t exactly a common choice…

But why not? The way I see it, surely you could argue that eating eggs or bacon or beans in the morning and pasta at night is imbalanced, right? Why eat a carb-loaded starchy meal right before you sleep? I figured that if anything, the best time to eat big carb-y meals was right before you go out to work through the day, the time when  you’ll be burning all that back off again!

I suppose there is the argument that breakfasts are meant to be light, but I mean, you can’t say some people don’t have big breakfasts!

Maybe it comes down to the individual. Perhaps as the large majority of cultures aren’t setting off to do heavy duty work each day, the necessity for a big energy filled breakfast is minute. But even so, a small dish of pasta for breakfast now and then gives a nice change in ones diet! In the end it’s to each their own I suppose, but I’ll definitely be eating pasta for breakfast (every now and then) for years to come!

Now, back to my macaroni…


What do you think?

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