Renegades vs. Stars

Anybody who knows me in real life knows I’m a huge cricket fan (and I guess now you internet folk do too), and lately there’s been a lot of buzz about the Big Bash League, as signings are currently underway and everyone’s been thrown into a state of ‘do you still support the team you used to, despite the fact that heaps of players could potentially change?’ …as I’m in Victoria, my possible options for teams to support include the Melbourne Renegades and the Melbourne Stars.

Now, last year I supported the Melbourne Renegades, for a number of reasons. First and foremost, Glenn Maxwell – a friend of mine who I met back at the Hong Kong Sixes (in what, 2010?) played for them, and secondly, red is my favourite colour! I had no preferences on Victorian cricketers (as I had just arrived in Australia for University), and because of that, didn’t see much reason to side with the Stars.

I absolutely loved the atmosphere that came with being around the Renegades fans, and it showed itself to genuinely be the ‘people’s team’! Not to mention through two separate competitions I also personally won free tickets to a match and a Merv Hughes signed box!

It was all going fine and dandy until a week or two ago when I realized just how much the teams could potentially change. The signings are currently underway and at time of writing, Hodge, Tait, Maxwell and McDonald have all moved to different teams, and to make things more difficult for me, Hodge and Maxwell crossed to the Stars!

In response, the Renegades have released 5 Victorian signings in Michael Hill, Will Sheridan (who I also met at the HK sixes), James Muirhead, Mud Buchanan and Jayde Herrick. I sense a bit of an underdog approach here, in that – yes, these 5 may not be ‘huge’ names (yet!), they most definitely all have talent, and if anything they better represent a true ‘people’s team’ side!

However, the bright shining lights that is the Melbourne Stars is difficult to resist, with such big names, and presumably more to come – I wonder how they managed it all with their salary cap! Add to that my friends left right and center are all Stars, and I’m left wondering if the grass really is greener on the other side!

I don’t want to make any final decisions just yet, not before the whole teams are out.. But as much as I am trying to be loyal to the Renegades it’s looking like it just might not be the same this time around!

Time will tell.


What do you think?

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