If I could have one thing…

…it would be this!

The description says it all really:

The fingerprint ring in18k gold, your finger print hand engraved on a handmade band. Red, white or yellow 18k gold, you decide.

A beautiful and unique idea. Your fingerprint (or your kid’s) on their ring. A perfect ring to suit a proposal, commitment, wedding, anniversary, special birthday, Valentines or Christmas.

To be able to take with you, your loved ones unique fingerprint. Could there be a more perfect ring?

It’s available in a range of precious metals, including: Sterling Silver, 9k Gold, Palladium, 18k Gold, and Platinum. Also it’s not exclusive to rings, if you look on the website (link below) there are a large range of products that can be engraved! (The guitar pick is another one I’m putting on my wish-list!)

Aiya. I’m just going to have to get incredibly wealthy to afford these one day, but I will do it!

Link: Chris Parry – Handmade Jewelry – Designer/Maker


What do you think?

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