A time of ‘too much’.

There’s too much EVERYTHING these days. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful for it, because I know people have worked hard for years and years to bring society to where we are today, but there’s just too much… everything!

Want some new music/movies/tv shows? Forget PAYING, why spend money when there’s torrents?

Want to play a game? You don’t need money anymore, not really – not when you have the internet, and an almost infinite number of games for free to play, just type ‘online games’ into google, and you’ll come across more games than you could ever dream to finish.. and I’m not even including the thousands of free apps here!

There’s too much availability in every corner, every market, so much so that things are losing their meaning. You’d never hear of someone buying just ONE game and being happy with it alone, no, there’s such a total bombardment of choices and for so little (if any) cost, that it’s considered strange to NOT exploit this immense library of things.

But what does this raging abundance create? Well, from my point of view, the materialistic individual occupies themselves with having the ‘newest’ items, since having the thing on it’s own isn’t good enough anymore to make you stand out. Be it clothes or gadgets, everybody’s got their own, so the only thing that’ll make you stand out is having what other people don’t, or don’t yet. The focus is always on the ‘hot new ____’, whatever that may be.

Apple products are the single best example I can think of when it comes to this. When someone says ‘I have an iPhone!’, the first thing someone will ask them is ‘Which one? The newest one?’ If it is the newest, they gain some sort of minor respect, however – heaven forbid they don’t, otherwise they’re met with an ‘oh.. okay’. The genius of Apple is that you can never really have the latest model all the time, as they just keep rolling them out, and by the time you save up and buy something, they’ll have the next model just waiting around the corner. There is no way to beat the system. You either fork out money year after year, for phones, tablets, computers, ect, or you risk the social faux-pas of falling behind. Just think, when was the last time you met someone who still has a first generation iPhone?

I suppose the only way to avoid this whole situation is to either be wealthy enough to buy new models as and when they’re released, or alternatively to just not care.

On the other side of the spectrum of this time of ‘too much’, is the complete overflow of social media. Facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram, ect – everybody wants to – but more importantly CAN be – famous. This includes YouTube too, anybody with an internet connection and some form of material can gain ‘fame’, be it through getting something to go viral, to having a lifestyle that draws people in to you, to just plain shouting the loudest amongst the flurry of people.

Want to make music? You don’t need raw abundances of talent anymore, just stick some premade loops together on some fancy music software, sing over it (optional) and bang, you’re an artist.

Want to be known as a socialite? You can fake your way there. Talk to people, rant and rave on about all the parties you go to, even if you spend your Friday nights in home alone in your pajamas, people will only see you the way YOU want them to.

Want to be a photographer? As long as you have something that’ll take a photo, even on your mobile, you can chuck layers and layers of filters over it in instagram or any of the numerous apps out there, and hey presto – anyone can come across as being deep and insightful…

..Or not.

Want to be a fashionista? Take photos in clothes you can’t afford, dress in ridiculous manners, and throw lots of x’s and o’s around when you talk to people. Nobody will be willing to call you out on your choices, for fear of being ‘behind’ the fashion trends. Oh, and make sure people know what you’re wearing, all day, every day. And use plenty of pseudo-high society drug references. After all, nothing says class like cocaine. /sarcasm

In general what I’m trying to say is, if you want to be famous, you can essentially shout your way there.

If you’re really desperate, you can buy your way there too, with increasing numbers of sites ‘selling’ facebook likes, and twitter/instagram followers.

It’s strange to think about it. We have so much now, where will we be in 20-30 years time? Will we still be queueing up outside of Apple shops to buy the iPad30? The iMacProPhoneHandChip? Will it ever end? Or have we hit a wall in terms of production?

…Where can we go now that we’ve hit almost total abundance?

What do you think?

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