Etsy finds: Minecraft!

I spend heaps of time on etsy, and often times I’ll go on a bit of a search binge, todays one being all things minecraft! Here are a few of my favourites ๐Ÿ™‚

Minecraft Creeper Knit Chucks

$120.00 USD

So so awesome! I’m really considering buying a pair of these, we’ll see…



Minecraft I Dig You Note Card

ย $4.00 USD

Ahh so sweet! If the person who you send this gets (and appreciates) the minecraft reference, then they’re a keeper!



Minecraft inspired TNT item mouse pad

ย $12.00 USD

I haven’t used a mousepad in years, but I’d definitely use this one!



Minecraft Creeper Inspired Custom Etched Pint Glass

$11.99 USD

Creeper. Pint glass. ’nuff said!



Minecraft inspired Ore diamond case for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S

ย $12.00 USD
I’ve been looking for a new case for a while… I’m thinking of getting this one!

Minecraft Enderman Charm, Figurine, or Pin-Back Brooch (1)

ย $8.00 USD
I love the detail in the blocks in this! Also I think you can get custom blocks (as seen with the companion cube!)

What do you think?

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