A most peculiar observation…

Today in one of my labs, I had to look at Anabaena. I collected my sample, prepared the slide, then went over to the microscopes. Once I found a specimen to draw, I noticed a worrying similarity…

Now, this is my Anabaena….


…look familiar?

Now I am fully aware that after the crack first appeared on Dr Who, nearly EVERYTHING out there started to sort of resemble it, however it appeared to me in the most amusing manner… I was searching for the cells so I could start to draw, and panning back and forth along the slide, I came across it – and being an avid Whovian my first thought was ‘OH MY GOSH WHAT NO YOU CAN’T BE HERE I WANT TO LIVE!!!’, shortly followed by ‘hah, kinda funny, suppose I should take a photo…’.

I guarantee you the entire thing looked like the crack. I know my photo has the end cut off, but to anybody who wants to complain, I challenge YOU to get a better photo of something down a microscope at x400 magnification that’s MOVING. (All while not giving away the geekiness that is you taking a photo of a soon-to-die cyanobacteria specimen with your mobile phone in a lab full of people.)

…So yeah, that’s my funny story of the day.

What do you think?

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