Why you shouldn’t let your kids play Habbo Hotel retros (A HabPlus review)

HabPlus is a Habbo Hotel retro – in laymans terms, that is to say it’s an illegal copy of the original Habbo Hotel. In the real Habbo, you need to purchase the in-game currency – ‘credits’ – with real life cash, however in the retros, they are usually either free or are given out in mass amounts every so often (for example, HabPlus gives out 150 credits every 15 minutes). The free currency is what attracts people to play retros, as well as other features such as different items (‘furni’), both of which mean that it’s much much easier for people to build rooms full of items, which is something that’s not as easily done in the real Habbo, as one must either purchase credits, or win the furniture through player-hosted games.

Just one of the many Habbo Hotel ‘Retros’ available online

However, in my opinion the trade-off is not worth it when it comes to kids playing on them. This is because they’re almost always ‘player-hosted’ – that is, run on an emulator set up by regular non-paid players, meaning there are much fewer eyes looking out for the safety of any minor who may be vulnerable to online predators. The official Habbo Hotel is staffed and monitored by hundreds of employees, whereas on HabPlus, there are 2 owners and 14 ‘Staff’, however I’m under the impression that they are not paid moderators, but in fact just very active users who have been given extra privileges.

Are these the kind of people you want running the game your kid plays?

Now, I could write pages and pages about all the things that are wrong with this game, but what better proof is there than actual images/screenshots from the game? I’ll sort them roughly into categories, and hopefully you’ll see what I mean when I say it’s a bad place. Keep in mind, the average age of people playing is around 13-15 years old.


Rooms can be created by any player, and will generally be unmoderated for a while until a moderator decides it’s inappropriate. First off, a handful of the kind of rooms that you can expect to see at any time…

As a side note, (T)RP = (Teen) Role play.. something that seems to be very popular in the hotel.

Over the time that I’ve looked at HabPlus, I’ve found countless numbers of the more explicit rooms…

It may only say 3 people were in these rooms, but these two rooms were very popular, I just misplaced my original screenshot..

‘apt zero.’ was one of the worst. It may not sound like a bad place, but that is deliberate. Running it are a group of players who had created what was essentially a brothel in another room similar to this, but it had been moderated and removed.

‘apt zero.’ Each of the doors on the right lead to a separate room.

These three messages (‘stickies’) were on the wall:

I tried to report the room on several occasions, only to be met with this message:

Now, other than the major fact that this is promoting the use of brothels to minors, if this were in ANY other rational place, a room like this would be considered a very likely hideout for pedophiles and online predators – who could easily sign up to be ‘escorts’, and wait around here for kids to come to them (especially bearing in mind that the majority of players are younger than 16), and would be shut down as soon as it was discovered. But no, apparently I’m the bad one here for raising a red flag! …If this doesn’t worry you, then I don’t know what will.

Uncensored chat

Now, in any one of the rooms on HabPlus (not just the more ‘explicit’ rooms above), you are potentially going to witness or be met with vulgar and crude language. I’m not just talking about swearing here. Sex as a topic is about as far away from taboo as possible, the clearest example being that it’s not uncommon for people to message or ‘friend’ you out of the blue and then promptly ask if you want to date/cyber – essentially virtual sex. Don’t believe me? Here’s just a few:

I know I’m a girl, so ‘boyfriend’ (or ‘boy freniren’, even) doesn’t make sense, but I made both a male and a female account, because I wanted to see if it was just a one-sided thing with boys hitting on girls, but it would seem that it’s not limited to one gender at all…

Convinced enough? It doesn’t stop there.. when you’re not being messaged by people, you sometimes come across such horrible things as these:

…the fights…

…the ‘role models’…

…and then the just-plain-wrong…

Yes, if you look closely below the speech bubble, there is the option for your habbo to have protruding bones…

I could continue on for ages and ages with more screenshots, but we’d be here for ages… if there’s enough interest I’ll do a part 2, but I hope from this you can see what I mean… HabPlus (and I’m quite confident a lot of other retros) are quite simply bad. There’s no real rules, and left to their own devices, the place has become somewhat of a hotbed for unruly behaviour. Then again, teenagers will be teenagers when left alone, but with the sheer blatancy of sex permeating the place, it could be very possible for a young innocent kid to start playing only to become exposed to a level of explicitness they aren’t ready to handle.

Long story short, if your kid wants to play ANY Habbo game, please, for their sake, make sure they’re at least playing the official one (www.habbo.com).


53 thoughts on “Why you shouldn’t let your kids play Habbo Hotel retros (A HabPlus review)

    • Ryan says:

      This post is completely out of context and irrelevant to the habplus community. You took all those pictures BEFORE the staff went and closed the rooms. You requested that call for help AFTER the rooms had all ready been reported. Also your argument about the sexual content and crude language is invalid, that happens on ALL online games, and yes, even your precious habbo hotel.

      • domccus says:

        I did not take it out of context at all. Some of the rooms I showed above are still open, and even if the ‘staff’ take them down, the owners will just make others. Specific incidents of players giving up on building these rooms doesn’t make the whole argument collapse.

        Also, your claim that my argument is invalid is simply illogical. To take another example to show what I mean: Racism and sexism happen in near ALL countries, but that doesn’t make highlighting individual cases ‘invalid’, does it? The point of the post is to explain that if nothing else people should be very cautious when playing.

        Hah, ‘precious’ Habbo Hotel. I don’t play anymore, I played back when it still had ‘.co.uk’

            • Emma (XGumiX) says:

              No offense, but I don’t like this report. People cybering and stuff happens on EVERY MMO! In general, anyone under 13 shouldn’t be on an MMO unless it’s like Club Penguin or Pixie Hollow. I was on those forever! Your precious Habbo Hotel is the unfair, overpopulated place and probably has more sex-related things on it.

            • Emma (XGumiX) says:

              Also, whoever let’s their kids play on Habbo or Habbo retros. . .well let’s just say if the kid is under 13 the parents need to learn how to parent a little better.

    • Ryan says:

      To be honest, if your just going to post the irrelevant bad part of habplus, I’m demanding you atleast make a post about the good part. Such as the great trading community, the very small amount of cuber bullying. How there are teams of people going around to stop cyber bullying. How thousands of people play every day.

      • domccus says:

        The good parts? I included the only good parts I could see – the free credits and the freedom in room-building. The trading community is meagre if anything, only consisting of rares that get passed along when the owner gets bored of them.

        Very little cyber bullying? Teams of people? Where exactly are these people, I don’t see them.. unless you mean your sporadic one-off forum post here:

        Yes, there may be a large number of kids playing, but that doesn’t make a good place. I’ll be glad when summer in the UK is over and kids actually have something productive to do.

        • domccus says:

          40? Try again, kid. I tried the retro because a friend of mine had started playing, plus I used to play Habbo Hotel a few years ago, and I wanted to see what had changed. Unfortunately I can see the mannerisms of the players hasn’t changed at all… Yourself being a prime example.

  1. Antoinette says:

    I care, you little bitch troll from hell. If I find your IP, I will send someone to scratch your eyes out. Don’t mess with the technology reps. Nice post, Dom 😉

  2. animeluver143 says:

    Meh i’ve been playing Habplus everyday and it’s not so bad technical wise with the furni placing and stuff (Actually it’s quite fun).But now I’m reconsidering of actually quitting Habplus and going back to my regular stuff,playing girl games and sites that look like Friendster except more protected.Even though i do ignore the people who like yea said are “just -plain-wrong”,they’ve been bugging me for quite some time (even though i’ve only played it for like 6-8 months) and i’ve been watching my back a lot!Also just to add to your article there r people there who wanna “virtually” marry you for a few reasons (counting role-play) but really wanna do weird and gross stuff at you so that’s one more reason im considering to quit.But still i’ve went far to the game and got a lot of friends & rooms so im still thinking…
    Also great article dude.Just be careful with the other Habplus players who are gonna rage at you,because they would be too attached to Habplus too much…

  3. ExactlyTheTruth says:

    ok, while i appreciate your honesty, let me point out some things:
    1. All games have instances of sex and other inappropriate things. go play WOW, a game with thousands of employees, and im sure you could find interesting screenshots there as well.
    2. the players of habplus range from 15-20, i have found an average of 17.
    3. If you were to fairly talk about habplus, you would have mentioned how often the site was down. just sayin.
    3. as far as an average retro, habplus is not that bad aside from the site downtime. you should not have singled out habplus.
    4. pedophiles would have a hard time getting personal info from people,, as the staff does a relatively good job at keeping that under a close eye.
    5. the staff should be qualified, paid employees, on that point i agree.

  4. Toni Delima says:

    You can Play retros in that time but you see I am only 9 I saw many trp I joined but then it contains violence and 1 reason there are people Making those huge rumors kids like me shouldn’t even contain Im still playing it but It was so boring I only Play sometimes The truth is the Age requiring is 18+ or 13+ So I only Log in a diffrent time Retros are just copies! HOW THE HECK IS THAT EVEN ENJOYABLE YOU ONLY GET THOSE CREDITS FOR NOTHING? Habbo is the most funnest game more than retros So I must say

  5. EmoxxomE says:

    I don’t like the fact that you’ve just pointed out the bad things from Habplus, I think Habplus is a great retro and there isn’t as much virtual sex and cyber bullying as you say there is. Although I agree that there is alot of bad language on there, but teenagers will be teenagers and we swear alot in school and stuff anyway and its not like the kids that play on the retros don’t swear in school and stuff either. Ive met a great number of amazing people on Habplus, so don’t just say that the only good points are that it has free credits and you can make rooms better. I leave you with ‘You’re a bitch!’ ;P

  6. DawnSummers says:

    Gosh Talk About The Bad Points … See Here I’ve Been Playing Habplus For About , 1 Year Now? And Have Met Plenty Of Good People , Matter Of Factly I Am 13 Years Old , Joining When I Was Just 12 , And Yes I Saw All Of That ‘Stuff’ You Pointed Out , But Bitch PLEASE Its Only A Pix-elated Game? Pix elated Sex , What Fucking Harm Can It Do , Yeah It Is Sick But It Real Causes No Real Harm! I Really Like How You Put This Much Effort Into Doing This But PLEASE Don’t Single-Out Habplus , I Mean It Offers , Basically A Free Version Of Habbo , Instead Of Spending Ridiculous Amounts Of Money To Buy Credits

    • john.orange says:

      “bitch please” – that, right there, shows how low-minded today’s people are becoming. At age THIRTEEN, you are nothing but a puny little child, and still you have this vile sense of language and this dirty mind. People like you who are ranting against the blog only prove every point here.

  7. Sophie says:

    Honestly… I agree with most points. But the staff do their job, and not EVERYONE is out there having ‘virtual sex’. There ARE some people who are into other things, such as roleplays ; MafiaRPG etc. The staff are users with extra privileges, but they still do their job. The amount of bans that have been thrown around the place due to inappropriate behavior on the retro is high. Matter of fact, the age range is 13 – 20. Some of the staff being 20/18/19. Habplus has it’s faults, but come on, there’s so much more to do than those things you have listed above. Many people are making rooms about stopping cyber bullying, helping those with cancer, fighting for equality. Just because YOU don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. So please, don’t be biased when making these things. And can you do the honest truth too? Regards, Sophie x

  8. Tammy says:

    Most of that is true, and I do play on Habplus but I don’t go to all that horrible rooms because Im a chubbeh and I spend most of the time on it by making cc, ff, bingo and College Rp and Hospitals and other useful and friendly places. So you could have at least put in some good stuff about it. Habbo was once on some news saying that it is one of the biggest unsafe game because of the Pedo’s and that. So I stopped playing and went back to retro, I also sold all of my furni and traded it for Furni-Matic then left the furni matic in a room and went off for months. I have been on recently and it has got even more worse and boring because norms don’t make rubbish places which I found fun because I use to have a job there where it was pretty much full of pixels.

  9. Enreca aka Ryss says:

    Fuck Habplus allways down for maintenace and its made for teenagers not children so stfu complaining Cx. From Ryss 😀

  10. Hab+ Player says:

    May I get something right ? You said that you’re still playing Habbo A FEW YEARS AGO and you’re calling other players KID. Plus, its only your opinion AND you’re not allowed to SCOLD someone who enjoys them, right ? Please, you’re only showing us the BAD of Habplus, which isn’t. Teenagers nowadays are curious to found that ‘sort of’ things out, which because they’re now thinking something more further. When it was YOUR age, people only have ‘that’ things in their mind when they’re some how like 20 years old. Don’t you think it time for a change ? Please, get it right before you’re saying something that might hurt someone. And please note that, not all the players in Habplus are the same, and the staffs are not PLAYERS WITH EXTRA PRIVILEGES you said. They’re only enjoying the game and volunteered to be a staff. If you say they’re not taking actions, ARE YOU SURE THEY’RE ALWAYS FREE ? The complaints you sent, ARE THEY THINKING IT IS TOO ANNOYING BECAUSE YOU SENT TOO MUCH ? So, please. Look things in different way. You’ll find that Habbo Retros is only for teens and NOT KIDS. If you’re so protective for your kid, why don’t you go and shut off his/her WiFi and him/her will not contact and learn anything else but staying in the house and studying. Not trying to be offensive but… I found your post offensive for me, as a player of Habplus.

    – Hab+ player.

  11. Nope says:

    If none of you like what she has put in her blog, then make your own blog about how “fantastic” the game is. You put a lot of effort into commenting and repeating the same statements over and over, why not put that effort into your own blog other randoms on the net can rip to shreds.

  12. john.orange says:

    I completely agree with you. You have spoken what is exactly the case with all these vile and illegal retroes. In fact, to prove everything you said, those exact low-minded, scum-level people have commented on your blog, swearing and saying vile, irrelevant crap, and also discrediting your post by saying it is ‘invalid’. It is a very good thing that you have posted images so that intelligent people can witness for themselves the vulgarity that occurs in these retroes and do not have to just go ‘on your word’.

    If, hopefully, some intelligent individual visits this page, she/he will see for her/himself the truth of all that you have said by merely scrolling below and viewing the shitty comments that morons from those very vulgar places have left for you. Saying that ‘such thing happen on any online chat room’ is not a valid argument. Such things happen in REAL LIFE to, and that is why decent people do not go to ‘bars’ and ‘clubs’. Yes, such things happen on Youtube comments as well, but Habbo and its retroes are nowhere in comparison. They are literally outlets and avenues for vile garbage to occur.

    Thank you for speaking the truth. Parents these days are not moderating what their children are doing, and with all this excess technology, there is a lot of garbage bombardment for people.

  13. cookies. says:

    This world is a wreck. You really cannot do anyone good, as is evident by the load of trashy idiots ranting the same illogical garbage against your post. Only God can help the low-scum people of today and their idiotic parents who take on interest in really finding out what their children are actually doing. The site is full of nothing but immature morons who vent out their silly frustrations and irritate themselves and others, creating a negative and impure atmosphere. Today’s people are a serious, complete wreck, and will create a very dangerous tomorrow.

    Only GOD can help these people and their worsening culture and attitudes. I’m glad I’m safe.

  14. Holly says:

    These retros are not for kids aged 9, 10, 11, or 12. This is for people that are roughly 15-25 ( Im 16) . So idek where you got the idea that this game is for 13-15 yr olds. I do agree some 13 yr olds play this but not many. Alot of ppl in their 20’s play these retros. The reason ppl curse on here is because since these retros are targeted for that age group, 15 yr olds could handle cursing. But I do agree on the fights these people are getting into. Its way out of control and how they use sicknesses like “anorexia” and “cancer” that are very serious and they joke around with this. Also people are civilized in the retros. Bigger retros may have some people that need controlling , but in my opinion i love habbo and its retros. I hate how your just basing this on bigger retros. Of course on bigger retros there are people that are out of control, but on page 2 or bottom of page 1 there are retros that are civilized and there is hardly any cyber-bullying. If they say something like “Fr like fuck you” They are obviously either joking or having an off day. It isnt everyday someone says that. You also talked about a lot of bad points. You do know there is a nice and friendly side to habbo and its retros. You just didnt want to include these nice points because it would defeat your argument.

    Add Me!
    Fresh-hotel.org – Traceyya
    HabPlaza.com – holly

  15. Cat says:

    To be honest I think that what happens in Habplus is basically the same thing that happens in Habbo.Every single online chatting game you play will have virtual sex,swearing,Booz and etc.I have tried habbo and I have played it for a few months only to learn it’s a really bad game with ‘mods’ that ban you for no reason.I have stopped playing habbo and I’m glad coz it was a really negative site.I might start playing Highrise soon even though it will still be the same as all online chatting games(but I find the graphics looks better and it’s more like the Sims)

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