Things I’d rather do (and have done tonight) instead of writing up my lab report…

…which is due tomorrow. In almost 7 hours.


  1. Play as essentially a dictator on a Caribbean island (Tropico for Xbox360)
  2. Make a delicious beef stir fry
  3. Consume more than half a liter in lemon tea
  4. Feed my pet rabbits
  5. Paint my nails (with polymer clay slices on top)
  6. Finish my blog post on HabPlus
  7. Fill up a garbage bag with random clutter in the house
  8. Browse Etsy; Find more polymer clay slices
  9. Order more polymer clay slices for future nail art
  10. Feel guilty about aforementioned purchase
  11. Stare blankly at report guidelines
  12. Download new apps onto my iPad
  13. Play with apps
  14. Stare at the assessment rubric
  15. Stare at half-done report
  16. Stare
  17. Try to will the report into writing itself
  18. Stare
  19. Stare
  20. Write meaningless blog post


…I suppose I really should get to work on it.. it’s a genuine toss-up between taking my time and producing a better report, or finishing quickly so I can get to sleep……


….sleep would be nice.


What do you think?

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