Doctor Who theories: Asylum Of The Daleks

Warning: Do NOT continue reading if you haven’t seen the latest episode: Asylum of the Daleks!

So, here are a few rambly theories of mine strewn together, and I know most likely they’ll all be way off, but on the off chance that I’m actually onto something I feel like writing them down.


There have been so many theories going around, Oswin is Jenny being one of my personal favourites. People have been over tonnes and tonnes of ways in which they’ll meet, such as that Oswin is a regeneration of River Song (which doesn’t make sense – she gave up her regenerations PLUS she is her current form when she dies in the Library), to that Clara Oswin is a relative of the Oswin that we saw. Perhaps this is another one of those backwards timelines, where the Doctors first encounter is her last with him.

One thing I definitely think though is that Oswin will not be joining the Tardis as a full-on Dalek. What I think is that maybe She’s being held somewhere else – remember her apparent flashbacks? – I reckon her human body is still wherever that was taking place (maybe because the daleks could only project her mind into the dalek, not fully integrate it or whatever). Another fact supporting this is that throughout the whole episode the Doctor, Amy and Rory were able to hear her HUMAN voice.

So when the Doctor finds her, maybe in a dalek-infused Christmas-y episode, I think that either he’ll save her from wherever the daleks are keeping her body, or if I’m wrong and she is in fact a fully converted Dalek, he’ll save her – in her dalek form – in the time between her letting down the forcefields in Asylum of the Daleks (AOTD from here on) and the Asylum blowing up, and then he will turn her back into a human somehow. Just saw some spoiler-y photos about presumably the Christmas episode, and I reckon she’ll have escaped somehow from the Dalek’s grip, and have found her way back to *era in which the Doctor Finds her – don’t want to spoil for people who are spoiler-touchy*.

“Silence will/must fall when the question is asked”

I haven’t seen this one anywhere else, so I’m claiming it as my only really completely original theory! In AOTD, the episode ends with Oswin erasing the doctor from all of the Daleks memory, causing them to repeat over and over, “Doctor Who?” From this, I had an idea – what if the whole “Silence will fall” thing has two meanings?

As far as we can see, now that the Daleks don’t know who the Doctor is, they will stop going out of their way to try to kill him – so in essence in regards to the doctor they will fall silent.

What if “Silence will fall” isn’t referring to the collapse of the universe? What if The Silence or even the entire universe were to somehow completely forget about the doctor as well (after presumably realizing he’s not actually dead!)? Without knowledge of the Doctor, everyone would stop searching for him and Silence would fall! If that’s confusing, it’d sort of be like everybody forgetting about 911 – they wouldn’t get any more calls, so to them there would just be silence.

Maybe when the Doctor finally ends up at the fields of Trenzalor (I mean, how could they not have him end up there!) there will be something massive going on – similar in scale to the Time War – and the Doctor shows up because he just can’t help himself, and everyone will just go “Doctor Who?”. Imagine the power that being remembered by the whole universe – except for by Donna of course – could give him (akin to what Ten went through when trapped in the cage by the Master), if Amy alone remembering him could bring him back into existence! …maybe it’ll be a similar situation, with the Doctor gone from existence and being brought back by somebody else remembering him/reminding everyone else?


There seemed to be a lot of things circling around the idea of remembering – not only just in this episode, but throughout all of the Eleventh Doctor’s journeys. One thing that stood out to me in the AOTD was when Amy asked the Doctor what she should do, and the Doctor told Amy to “Make them remember you” as if the memory of her would provide some sort of protection.

In other episodes, in almost every case where the Doctor has asked a foe to ‘look him up’ ect, it usually serves to instil some fear into the enemy. With the Daleks having forgotten the Doctor, this has opened up new possibilities. Firstly, the Doctor – should he meet the Daleks again (and let’s face it, he probably will) – will be able to sneak under the radar so to speak, without them knowing how much of a threat he is.

Also, another main moment that stuck out in AOTD was at the end when Oswin looks into the camera (a cinematographers way of going ‘hey guys this is important and the you the audience should make a big deal out of it!!’) and says “Run you clever boy, and remember”. Remember what? I’m pretty sure we’re not meant to know as of now, but I’m sure it’ll have some very important meaning later on. If it was meant to be a personal thing she would have said ‘remember me’, and there wouldn’t have been any camera-staring going on.

Other random things I’ve picked up/thought about:

  • When Rory leaves their/Amy’s house, he’s holding what seems to be a kids jacket…

  • What’s that weird green stuff that dripped onto Rory’s face? It wasn’t seen/mentioned anywhere else, but it was bright enough to catch our attention..

  • If Oswin deleted the Doctor from the Dalek hivemind, how did SHE remember who he was?
  • Oswin must have a heck of a lot of love in her heart, if she was able to keep the Daleks out for a whole YEAR. Wasn’t any sign of hate in her either…
  • Oswin is wearing the same ring as in the promo photos for the new companion.. so I’m led to think they’re the same physical person?
  • “Rescue me chin boy, and show me the stars” – sounds a little bit out of place, maybe like she already knew him? There’s the possibility that by this point she’s already had all her adventures with the Doctor
  • Back to the point about her sounding like a human over the asylum speaker system, where did the music come from? I suppose this could debunk that whole argument and claim that both her voice and the music came from her ‘dream’ consciousness
  • If Oswin’s body was still intact, surely it would still be on the asylum planet and therefore would have blown up? Unless it was being held on the Dalek parliament spaceship somewhere..
  • Surely a marriage like the Pond’s could overcome a little infertility… It was either just a very attention-seeking cliffhanger to make us panic, or something else is afoot here. That said, the scene where all their emotions are tossed up into the air is absolutely brilliant, amazing acting. I also like how they made it very clear that Rory thought he loved Amy more than she loved him. It had been brewing in the background for a while, and it was nice to see it voiced!
  • The Dalek ballerina looked an awful lot like Darla – were we maybe meant to make the link between them?
  • Leading on from that – I thought Oswin was the only ‘full’ transfer, how come Amy saw other people? (Even if it was just her imagination, why were those Daleks active when all the rest were hibernating?)
  • Oswin’s Dalek room didn’t seem like your average control center. It was at the end of the intensive care, full of Daleks who have survived encounters with the Doctor… What if there’s a whole Timey-Wimey storyline and Oswin has fought the Doctor in HER timeline before he comes to the asylum? A little far fetched, but anything’s possible on this show!
  • Why couldn’t Rory remember his name for that moment? There’s been a lot of ‘Rory is the Master’ being thrown around by other people, but I think it’d be a waste of a perfectly good character, plus with only a handful of episodes left it’d be a bit weird and rushed

  • Why are the Ponds wearing the same clothes in AOTD as in Pond life #5? Surely some time must’ve passed between PL#5 and AOTD? I mean, you don’t go from having an argument one minute to getting divorce papers ALL IN ONE DAY!? That’d be weird
  • Also where is Rory’s car? Why is he taking the bus? Surely Amy with her modeling career could afford a car of her own, the Doctor gave that car to Rory!


…Okay that’s a lot of rambling and I apologize for the messiness of it all, but if you managed to read through it, I’d love to hear what you think! Finally, I found this when I was looking for screenshots – made me laugh!


What do you think?

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