It’s gonna be a bumpy ride

So. I was on a flight from Sydney to Melbourne, and I suppose I encountered one of the most unpleasant flight attendants.. I suppose she’s probably a lovely person off the plane, but I felt a little disheartened by what happened.

It was a normal flight, and the plane was only maybe a third full, if even that. Now I’ve been on a lot of flights, and whenever there is empty spaces, it’s commonplace for people to get up and move to a better seat. I was sat in the middle column of seats on the plane, with no view at all. So naturally I decided to move to a window seat. Simple, right? I moved my bags and sat down in my new seat, only to have this lady stride down the aisle and tell me – quite rudely – that I’d need to go back to my original seat. I looked around at the near empty cabin, gave her a look of disbelief and just went “Really?”. But she was quite adamant, and kept repeating that I had to be in my seat until takeoff. Now I’ve been on more planes than I can remember, and I have never even seen someone be asked to move back!

Anyway, I moved back to my original seat and convinced myself that it must have been some sort of weight-related rule that they have to enforce, and that I would be able to move seats after takeoff. But then not even a minute later, a couple two rows in front of me did exactly the same thing, and did the flight attendant tell them to go back? No. I looked back at her to see if she had seen them do it, and she very obviously had – as she looked at me and gave me a bog-standard flight attendant smile.

Now I don’t want to cry discrimination, but the only difference between me and them was skin colour. They were about my age, ect, just caucasian instead of eurasian. But if it wasn’t that, then what could it possibly have been?



2 thoughts on “It’s gonna be a bumpy ride

  1. Matt says:

    I had a similar thing happen to me a few years ago on a similarly empty plane. As you initially surmised, I was assured it was a weight distribution thing. That being said, it seems manners are going out the window these days. I say that as an aging 29yo.

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