The Angels take Manhattan: a few guesses

Okay – in no particular order, here are some things I’ve been thinking about the next Doctor Who episode: ‘The Angels take Manhattan’

Warning, spoilers!

Possible arcs?


  • Asylum of the Daleks: the whole eggs-ster-min-ate thing
  • Dinosaurs on a Spaceship: dinosaur eggs
  • A town called Mercy: the egg-shaped ship (a little sketchy, but still!)
  • The Power of Three: someone (Amy?) suggests that the black boxes might be alien eggs

Theories: Maybe relating back to the idea of being young – which could then link to the angels?

Flickering light bulbs:

  • Asylum of the Daleks: the light bulb flickered when the Dalek puppet entered the room where Amy was
  • Dinosaurs on a Spaceship: [[I don’t remember if there was a reference here… will go back and re-watch later]]
  • A town called Mercy: The flickering streetlamps
  • The Power of Three: the powercut in the base, plus the flickering lights in the hospital corridor

Theories: I’m betting on either the Silence or the Weeping angels here – the Angels thrive in the darkness, and the Silence use electricity…


Assortment of other thoughts:


  1. The title sequences: Okay, I didn’t notice this, but I’ve read and then checked – each one of the title sequences is getting darker and stranger! You can check it out here.
  2. The Doctor is getting more hostile: less of a theory, more an observation! This has been happening since Asylum of the Daleks – maybe something happened to the Doctor when he gave Amy his bracelet? Is it possible that the Daleks started to ‘subtract love’? Or it could just be the Doctor going through his ‘aargh I’m losing my companions I’m going to get mad at everything and enything’


Now for my overall theory:

The Doctor, Amy and Rory and River end up in Manhattan somehow – maybe River will send them a distress call of some kind and they go to meet her – and the normal ‘oh dear we seem to be being followed by angels’ will ensue for half the episode, with some side story that will no doubt be entwined with the Angels – and then Rory and Amy will be split from River and the Doctor, some more things will happen and the Doctor will figure out what the Angels are doing and who they’re after.

From the trailer it would seem that they’re after Amy (as well as the Tardis), which makes sense because she has a lot of influence in the universe, it seems – but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were after somebody else, perhaps somebody who starts off the whole ‘help us Doctor!’ gig that always happens! Now I think that Amy will be sent back in time by the Angels, as that would explain why there was a photo of Amy in the american orphanage with a baby River/Melody.

As for Rory, I think he may also get sent back in time – I’m saying this because if you remember back to ‘The God Complex’, Rory spoke to the Doctor about their travels in the past tense.. I’m thinking somehow this will relate to that – now I’m not sure how they’d explain that away but with Moffat anything is possible! Plus I refuse to even think of the possibility that they’d kill off Rory…

I’m not sure what will happen to River, but surely she can’t die, not with her meeting with Ten looming in the future!

Thus after all of this, with Amy and Rory gone, the Doctor finally accepts that he’s lost them (and emotional Doctor scenes that will make us all cry ensue), and then all that’s left is to wait for the Christmas episode!



5 thoughts on “The Angels take Manhattan: a few guesses

  1. Cathy says:

    About the Doctor becoming hostile, the thing that I noticed a lot about that was on Dinosaurs on a Spaceship when he sent Solomon off to his death, he then tried it on A Town Called Mercy. I was like, Doctor, stahp!

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