Death is inevitable, and in the news of today we hear of deaths so often that you would almost start to believe that we as a society are becoming desensitized to it. However that doesn’t stop the very real and sudden shock when someone you knew, be it closely or as an acquaintance, passes away.

It’s almost unfathomable to think that someone who was there, who was around, just isn’t anymore. Gone. Even more incomprehensible when it’s someone who was healthy and as far as you could tell perfectly fine. Just one day, they’re gone and not coming back.

It’s strange. It brings people together in the most unusual way. Those who maybe have lost touch suddenly brought together with a solemn ‘..have you heard?’.

Another thing it does do is remind you of your own mortality. One minute you’re happy to carry on as if you’ll live forever, and then a reminder comes along that you really won’t. Things like this serve most as a message to live each day to the fullest, that one day it really will be your last, and not to waste the time you have.


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