Ahh Duckworth-Lewis… (An explanation as to what just happened.. I think)

Duckworth-Lewis has to be easily the weirdest rule in cricket, but I suppose it does come in handy sometimes… like tonight for the Melbourne Stars!

So. As far as I can tell, the Perth Scorchers posted a score of 69 (a pause here for immature people to laugh… hehehe), which the Stars looked pretty set to chase, scoring 29 off the first two. But then heavy rain came, and the unfortunate task of rushing covers onto the ground ensued. It was only at this point where the Scorchers could have potentially gained, as if the rain had held up it would have forced a draw and they would have shared points.

But then the rain stopped, and this is where it got a bit confusing.

Due to the time lost, it was announced that the game was reduced to a 5 over match, which people seemed to understand. The Scorchers hung around, not wanting to get on the field for obvious reasons – probably hoping the rain would come back, but eventually they came onto the field, and one ball was bowled. Then the game was over and the players and umpires all shook hands, and people at home and at the ground were left a bit puzzled.

What happened was that since the overs had been reduced, so had the target. Down to 6. Which the Stars had already passed in leaps and bounds. So a single ball was all that was needed to win. Why the need for the single delivery? Maybe to certify the change from a 20 over innings to a 5 over one? I’m not too sure, but I do understand the rest. If you know why, please comment below!


What do you think?

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