Carnival Spirit Cheatsheet

Okay, so this is post has a very very niche target audience, but if by some chance you’re going on the Carnival Spirit Cruise-liner (currently taking passengers from Sydney every week or so), then here are the things I figured out over my time on the boat, and definitely things I wish I had known earlier! …pretty much all of these are just about the food though, I apologize!

  • Go watch Trevor in the Shanghai Piano Bar. No excuses!
  • Join in as many of the dance nights as you can, they’re great fun!
  • The cocktails on the ship are fairly strong on the alcohol (but I’m sure you’d find that out anyway!)
  • The steaks in the Empire dining room are amazingly well cooked (Think I had steak three nights in a row..)
  • If you get a cup and fill it with the soft-serve ice cream/frozen yoghurt and stir it and leave it for a few minutes, it turns into a decent milkshake! (Otherwise you have to pay for a milkshake downstairs at the cafe)
  • When you eat at the buffet, grab a smaller plate from the dessert section instead of the plate-trays from the regular sections… it’s way too easy to fill up a plate and then be guilted into eating it all
  • Get a margarita pizza from pizza pirate and add your own toppings from the salad bar
  • The back-left (opposite pizza pirate) buffet counter has generally the best food
  • Grab a muffin …or five (chocolate is one of the better ones) from the breakfast buffet and put them in your room for later snacking
  • The strawberry/banana pancakes in the morning are pretty amazing (same with eggs/salmon benedict)

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