New Years Resolutions

Resolutions! Those wonderful things you say you’ll do but forget all about come February… anyway, here’s mine:
  1. Stay fit
  2. Become more confident
  3. Save up/earn $$$
  4. Write/create more
  5. Read more

…Plus some extra ‘It’d be awesome if I could _____ before the end of the year’ achievements

  • Make 50 (with the bat in cricket)
  • Try a new hairstyle
  • Sell things online (my old clothes/belongings, things I’ve made, ect)
  • Try something I never thought I would (hold a spider, go on an insane roller coaster, eat something crazy, something along these lines)
  • Take one of those amazing sideways-diving catches in cricket
  • Learn a decent amount of Cantonese
  • Write someone a letter
  • Successfully grow veggies in the garden
  • Learn to play the guitar better
  • Catch up with someone I’ve lost touch with

What do you think?

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