Birthday blues…

So I’m turning 21 this year, and I had my idea of the perfect party all planned out in my mind for months, the theme, the venue, etc etc … Only to find out that someone from one of my friendship groups had thrown a party that was exactly the same (shan’t put details here lest someone I know read this and figure out who I’m talking about) a few weeks ago. Same theme; Same friends that I would have invited (although I wasn’t invited, I don’t know them all that well); Same ‘extras’. Everything was the same except the venue and that it wasn’t ‘my’ birthday.

It was quite heartbreaking.

…so now I’m back to square one, time to figure out a new plan.. But I do have a while to sort it out, it’s not till September!

But still..Waaaaaaaaaaah. 😦


What do you think?

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