What. The. Fuc Frick.

So after lots of planning and scouring through airfares, I finally find one that gets me to Thailand as soon as possible (arriving Thursday night).

Then today I go to look at the ACC tournament schedule, and they’ve changed it AGAIN. We have a BYE on Friday, and then Saturday is a day off!!!

So I’m rushing madly, not getting the full amount of time for my exam (I have to leave early), I don’t get to say bye to my friends, and all for what, so I can spend two days there NOT playing before the first match?

I suppose I should really just calm down, I’ll be spending that time training and getting into the tour mentally.. But still, I could have just as easily taken a later flight on Thursday or even Friday morning and arrived relaxed, calm, and ready.. instead of whinging that I didn’t get to say bye to people and worrying that I’ve failed my exam.



What do you think?

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