Taxi freewriting 22.2.13

Sitting in the cab, driving past places and the memories just come flooding back. I can’t control it, I just envisage the last time I was here, with whoever I was with, and each and every time I remember it as being a happier time than what I’m in right now.

Neon signs and led lights pour in through the window of the taxi, lights dancing around as we drive on.

Another sight, another memory comes. Another reminder of what and who I used to be. And with each one the yearning to return grows stronger and stronger.

But time is a cruel mistress, and she only gives you one chance.

I sigh, maybe one day I’ll come and live here again.

But for now I’m a tourist again.

An outsider.

But one that’s so  irrevocably in love with the city, the busy days of united anonymity. Everyone’s a unique face, but in a crowd of unique faces we find our silence and place.

Jostling through the crowds in the midst of rush hour, to some it would seem a nightmare, a chaos-driven flurry of people rushing here and there, all with equal contempt of those around them

But I love it.

I love how rude this city is, how harsh and unforgiving it is.

But at the same time it’s so forgiving.

You can lose yourself somewhere new each day, the city takes you in and distracts you with it’s wonderful drama. Be it an old woman yelling at a passer by, to a cat fight in the middle of the street, there’s always something happening.

Always something to take your mind away. To let you rest, to keep you entertained.

You feel like the peasant-royalty, given the keys to the palace and given free reign to parade around as you please.

No rules.

Complete freedom.

An urban jungle of misfits.

A circus full of the brightest characters you’ll ever meet.

How could anyone ever want to leave?


love taxi freewriting. I think it’s something I made up. Basically, whenever I’m in a long-ish taxi ride with my laptop I’ll put my music on shuffle, have a notepad open and just write whatever comes into my mind.

The rules are: no re-reading until I leave the taxi, no deleting once I’ve fully typed a sentence, and no significant editing once I’m out of the taxi (only capitalization/spelling/etc).

What do you think?

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