So. I went on a bit of an ‘omg-everything-on-ebay-is-amazing’ spree.

I bought a few costumes…

….and a violin.

SHUSH. I don’t know why. I was talking to my friend about how I’d always wanted to learn it (and the saxophone), and then one came up on my suggestions and it was cheap and I clicked on it and it was beautiful and ahhhhhh. It’s all a bit hazy from there.

So. I now have quite a few costumes on the way… and a violin.



3 thoughts on “Oops.

  1. Jade says:

    I’d do exactly the same if I saw a cello going cheap – do I play the cello? No… but I’d like to, and they’re so pretty! Jx

    • domccus says:

      Ahh my friend plays the cello! Beautiful instrument πŸ˜€ Yeah, I’m kind of excited to play around with it once it gets here, hopefully it’s not a complete failure!

  2. patpatkay says:

    I PLAY THE CELLO and I actually want to learn the violin, too! It’s such a romantic and lovely instrument πŸ˜€ Okay, I wish I had a credit card so I could randomly purchase some things on ebay but my dad would never trust me with a credit card. He thinks I’ll get carried away ahah.

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