Tales of the drunkard.

I played beer (well, punch in our game) pong for the first time ever last night! And my team won!

I feel proud.

My goodness, this morning once we all got up there was a decent half hour spent between the four of us left at my place piecing together what happened last night… Felt a bit like ‘The Hangover’, will not lie! There are a whole pile of polaroid photos on my kitchen table (next to the near-empty bottle of peach Schnapps and the empty bottles of vodka, tequila, champagne, jager and numerous beers and ciders), which have been very helpful in remembering what happened…

Ahaha, it was brilliant. Definitely one of the best uni nights I’ve ever had.

I also now am the owner of a dodgy-as computer chair… we wheeled it home from McDonalds. Which is a good kilometer away at least!

Ahhhhhh fun times.


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