So tonight I went to see Adam Hills perform in the Melbourne Comedy Festival with a friend.

He was 7 minutes late onto the stage, and opened with telling us how he had been getting tweets saying that he was late and to hurry the f*ck up… Needless to say he got a fair bit of comedy gold out of that, naming and shaming them on stage, and then especially when the main heckle-tweet-er turned out to be a vice-principal of a school… and a lady!

While this was happening I tweeted the following:


I didn’t do this in an attempt to get attention – though it had crossed my mind – but I figured that maybe he’d see it after the show or something, so I tweeted and resumed laughing at his mini-war with the heckler. But then after a little bit he went back to his phone and said my name. HE SAID MY NAME. Asked if I was in the house. I went ‘Woo!’ as any typical idiot would. Then he read out what I had tweeted. But the important part here – HE SAID MY NAME. My full name. Properly. My name! Mine!

Ahhhhhhh and this is the point where I resume being jelly. I’ve been giddy ever since, and ahhhhhherrrrmagerddd.

Adam Hills said my name.

That is the new meaning of April 19th, the day Adam Hills said my name.

Not that there was something about this date I was trying to forget about. Nope.


What do you think?

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