I’ve never met a sarcastic person I haven’t liked.

Little bit in love with my psych tutor. In an ‘oh my gosh you’re a hilarious and amazing person’ way, not an ‘I want to have your babies’ kind of way. Which would be impossible anyway, she’s a lady.

She’s so pessimistic and sarcastic, but in a way where she fully embraces it. Every week she has to explain the course content because her tute falls before the lecture.

A couple of quotes (I’m in her tute now):

“Haven’t done an IQ test, don’t think my confidence could take the hit”


“What’s the common ground between rubber and paper?”

*pauses for about a minute with frequent ‘umm’s and ‘ahh’s*

“They’re both made from fucking trees…. I didn’t know that!?!”


“Your correlational table should look like that. If it doesn’t, cry.”


“Please don’t expect a lightbulb moment when I give you my sentence on regression. It’s not going to happen”


“Parametric is like the statistical retarded cousin”


“Siri’s a bitch”


“Variation in DV is effectively lost by ranking/categorization… what the hell does mean?’


…ahhhhh I like these tutorials. Now she’s talking about a kid with autism who’s going to court about ‘allegedly’ did a lot of things. Not going to put it here just because I think it was a bit private. Also legal court etc etc I don’t want to get in trouble.


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