My re-adventures into lucid dreaming.. part 1?

So, as a child I used to be able to lucid dream really well, to the point where I could conjure my own universes to play around in, but somewhere over the years I’ve forgotten how to do it, and so last night I figured that I might as well try to get back into it. I mean hey, I’m going to be asleep anyway, right?

My desire to get back into lucid dreaming was two-fold. Firstly, lucid dreaming is just plain fun. Flying around in a world that YOU’VE made with NO moral/social consequences for anything you do or say? Uhm, yes please? I can be chilling in the tropics with celebrities, then snap-change scenes and wander out to play an innings at the MCG. It’s a wonderful power!

Secondly, I’ve had writers block for quite a while now, and I figure if I can unlock my imagination in my dreams, then I can maybe let loose and come up with at least something to inspire the inner writer in me.

…and this is what I got.

*cue Dom falling asleep, picturing an individual that she wants to see in her dream*

*start dreaming, not realize it’s a dream and see another individual from Hong Kong*

*have said figure fall in love with her (again?) and express his desires to run away with her*

*inner trauma based on aforementioned man’s situation, soon quelled by him grabbing her and kissing her*

This is when my lucid mind kicks in as a narrator, going ‘Man, he kisses like butter.’




Really, brain?? To make it worse/better (I’m not really sure), another voice – still me though – goes ‘No no no, it’s more like… mashed potatoes’. To which my initial voice agrees. Following which both small strings of lucidity snap and I’m back in the dream, now on a big waterslide in my jeans, hanging from the end about to drop.

Gee, thanks brain.

AND IT CONTINUED LIKE THIS FOR THE WHOLE NIGHT. My brain would pop in a quirk or two, but other than that it decided, ‘nup, let’s just let her dream and we’ll watch’.

One skill I have retained my whole life is that unless I’ve been woken up by something alarming, like say, an alarm, I can pretty much remember my whole dream. Now I use this when I wake up in the middle of the night, as somehow I can manage to dream about the same-ish topic if I just fall asleep again picturing what I just dreamt of. But with modifications. So like I mentioned before, the first dream was about this guy trying to convince me to run away with him, and in the second dream I brought my mind back to it and let it continue, dealing with all of the potential consequences of that decision. My brain got very very verrry interested in the actual outcomes, as if it were planning for this to actually happen. No, brain. Just no.

I woke up twice last night, which turned this story into a three-part saga, each part slightly drifting away from where the first one was headed. By the third dream I was with him (I’m not sure in what capacity – married or what- and we were at a barbecue eating ribs of some sort), and somehow I managed to fight off an evil race of toys who had been converting children into sleeper robots… just after running away from a massage-mafia ring, where the head pimp had tried to harass me.

Yes, I have a weird mind. Though I suppose it did give me something to write about today. Huzzah?


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