Things I do in my exams.

Most people go into exams with determination, focus, and just sit down, get the work done, and leave.

…not me.

Here is an assortment of some of the things that went through my head in my exam this morning:

Ooh I like her jacke- WAIT I HAVE THE SAME ONE. Good taste, m’lady.

Why do people wear beanies into exams..?

I wish I had a beanie.

Right, lets find the nicest and the ugliest hats in the room.

Oh hey I know that guy! And that girl! And that girl!

Where’s Mr Stupidhead? [My somewhat childish nickname for a guy I knew who was in the same exam]

Let’s look at people’s shoes. You can tell a lot by what shoes people wear.

Ooh look it’s raining! I like the sound of rain. It’s a really underrated sound!

Hey there’s the guy who I spanked for science. [No joke, I legitimately spanked him. For science.]

I should probably be focussing more on my question…

…hey I didn’t see that beanie, I like that one.

Why are the invigilators always so old?

Oh hey there’s Mr Stupidhead! 

Man I hate writing this much. I wish I could be typing.

I know, I’ll leave a note to the examiner on my test paper! That’ll maybe cheer them up!

…or I could just do some calligraphy.

Wow I’m really good at drawing carrots.

Why do I always draw so well when I’m in an exam? I wish I could just take the drawings out with me.

Oh man, I only have an hour left. HOW TIME FLIES-  I’d better get a move on.

Wheeee look at all the different ways I can rest my feet under the table!

I wonder what the limit is with bringing in food into an exam.. Like, could I bring in a whole salad?

Could I bring in hot food if it didn’t smell?

Is there even such a thing?

Eh, done with my paper. Bored. Time to go!


….I definitely amuse myself way too much in exams. I always get funny looks from invigilators because I’m always smiling, which I suppose is not the appropriate response to being in a 3 hour physiology exam…

Oh well!

One down, four to go!



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