The Social Chameleon

I thought of this self-label on a train journey I took from London to Edinburgh. All my life I’ve been unable to pin one genre on myself, as I am different people in different situations – but all of them are most definitely me!

Let’s start off with the basics.

I’m half Scottish, half Filipino, and I grew up in Hong Kong (Yes, this is the basics..) – so visually I don’t really seem to fit in anywhere, I’m too tanned to be generically Scottish, I’m too British to be a typical Filipino – plus I’ve never lived there, don’t speak Tagalog nor do I wish to really – and I’m too ‘gweilo’ (= white) to be a local HK-er. But somehow I managed! I currently live in Australia, so the multicultural nature of this country has definitely helped in not alienating me!

I’m a girl, and a lot of the time I do like to be girly. Floral dresses, sandals, a whole load of nail polish… However you’d never guess one of my strongest passions in life is to play what’s normally regarded as ‘a gentleman’s sport’. I am a part of the Hong Kong national women’s cricket team, and have been for a number of years. So it’s a common sight for me to be in those oh-so-sexy head to toe cricket whites, often with grass stains all down my legs.

If the girly/jock dichotomy wasn’t enough, I’m also quite bright (standing aside my modesty for a minute while I try to be honest). I taught myself basic HTML at the age of 6 and am currently obsessed with LoL, as well as WoW whenever I have time/money to play… That said, I’m not claiming to be an intellectual genius, I’m just a quick thinker most of the time. I do have horribly dumb moments, as I’m sure anyone who knows me would be quick to point out.

Age-wise at the time of writing I’m 20, and I get along with both adults much older than me and children well. I don’t prefer either over the other, if anything it’s people my own age I have the most difficulty with. With people my age I either become crippled with anxiety, or come across as really confident and (I hope) funny.

Among the other aspects of my life I am a massive fangirl of tv shows (Superwholockian right here!) and a lover of all things theatre and live performance. Over the last couple of months I’ve fallen in love with watching stand up comedy, and all my life I’ve absolutely adored going to see musicals and plays. I love to party, but I equally love shutting myself in my house and scrolling endlessly through tumblr and twitter. I am intrigued and fascinated by science, but find myself drawn to more abstract forms of expression on a more personal level.

…So all in all, as I sat on the train contemplating life (as you do), I thought that a ‘social chameleon’ was an apt way of describing myself!



What do you think?

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