Hey England! [A photo diary]

So last week I took a trip down to England, the first time I’ve ever really spent any time there, and the first time I’ve been there by myself! I was going to write a full diary when I was down there, but I didn’t bring my laptop and between travel and seeing friends and places, I had no time!

First up was Nottingham, to visit Vivian at her graduation and to catch up! …the people in costumes are a bunch of guys we bumped into who had been at the Ashes that day!

 20130718-213116.jpg 20130718-213128.jpg 20130718-213144.jpg


..Then it was off to Tamworth to see Cathy!

20130718-213218.jpg 20130718-213303.jpg 20130718-213252.jpg

20130718-213309.jpg 20130718-213324.jpg 20130718-213333.jpg

Then finally it was down to London to see more friends and do some sightseeing and oh boy oh boy, I think I fell in love with the city.

20130718-213641.jpg 20130718-213403.jpg 20130718-213635.jpg 20130718-213410.jpg 20130718-213420.jpg 20130718-213428.jpg 20130718-213437.jpg20130718-213444.jpg 20130718-213450.jpg 20130718-213505.jpg 20130718-213512.jpg 20130718-213618.jpg


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