You Look Great Today: The Power of Praise

When was the last time you got a compliment from a stranger? How great did it make you feel? The fact that someone took a little bit of time and energy (no matter how small) to go out of their way to tell you you’ve done something right, be it looks or achievements, is amazing. As a girl, I can tell you that it honestly makes my day when someone tells me I’m pretty, especially if it’s a stranger.

Amongst friends compliments are normally thrown around upon meeting each other, ‘I love your dress/Your hair looks great today’ etc etc, but from someone who really has nothing to gain by telling you that you look good? The genuineness of it is enough to blow me over.

Ever since I’ve discovered this, I’ve slowly started to become that person who compliments strangers as often as I can – never enough to be creepy, I usually stick to complimenting girls on their clothes, and guys on their physique or their wit if I get talking to them for a while.

I remember one night when I went to see a comedy gig with a friend at 5 Boroughs in Melbourne, and over the course of the evening I proceeded to get a little more than tipsy. By the time the show was over and everyone was mingling outside in the bar area, I apparently took it upon myself to approach several comedians and just say “You’re funny!” as an ice breaker (as if they didn’t know already), before starting a conversation with them. I suppose it’s the best compliment you can give a comedian, but still… Cringe!



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