Breaking news! Something happened! LOUD NOISES!

Hey guys I think someone had a baby or something?…

…just kidding, it’s been impossible to not have heard the fact that the Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a baby boy this afternoon.

The baby was delivered at 16:24 BST at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, west London, weighing 8lb 6oz.


Exciting! Ah I love babies, being an aunt to four and all… although I can’t quite understand the insane amount of news coverage it’s been getting. Since it was announced a few hours ago, it’s been the ONLY thing on tv and they keep coming back to it, in an ‘ha ha well if you haven’t heard… it’s a boy!’ way, as if everyone and their grandmother didn’t know about the baby already.

Another thing that amused me was the tradition of putting up a bulletin on an easel, displayed at the gate at Buckingham Palace. The royal family’s equivalent of a tweet, I suppose.

tweetin like royalty, yo

What’s slightly depressing is the fact that this baby at the time of writing is barely 7 hours old, and yet this baby boy is already destined to be more prolific and probably richer than anyone reading this right now. That said, the baby has essentially been born into a life that has already been planned out for him, every step of the way already laid out for him to trundle along, up until he eventually becomes King. Think about that now, everyone. You are older than the living future King of England.

Then again, we all have waaay more freedom than he will, lifestyle-choice wise. I doubt this unnamed-as-of-yet baby will be able to go out and party on the town like we will, nor have half the crazy stories to tell when he’s old and grey.

…one final thought. What if this baby boy turns out to be gay? I’d love to see what happens, just for the sake of the evolution of society. The first ‘Queen’ King of England? Now that’d be a sight! Imagine the bank notes! It’d be royally fabulous, darling. x


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