Table for one: ‘Dirty’ mushroom risotto recipe


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Over the years I’ve learnt this: I make a mean risotto! I often experiment with different recipes and flavours, and today I had a go at a mushroom risotto! Up until this summer I’ve had a strong dislike of mushrooms, stemming back to a food poisoning incident about 7 years ago… But recently I’ve decided that I’ve avoided it long enough, and that I should really get back into eating it! So this summer I’ve been eating mushroom-friendly meals at restaurants and the other day bought some at the supermarket. Anyway, I figured a risotto would be a good place to start!

Another thing I’ve noticed is the shortage of single-portion recipes online, so if I can be bothered I’ll start posting my ‘Table for one’ meals. I called this a ‘dirty’ mushroom risotto purely because the mushrooms I bought are really lovely and earthy, and up until now most of the risottos I’ve used have been chicken-based, so always look whiter and ‘cleaner’!

‘Dirty’ mushroom risotto


350g Risotto rice

2 cloves garlic

1 shallot

‘Herbes de provence’*

1 Chestnut mushroom

600ml Beef stock

50g Sliced steak pieces**

75ml double cream

Sunflower oil



1. Finely chop garlic cloves and shallot

2. Fry garlic and shallot with a teaspoon of Herbes de provence in oil over a medium heat

3. Quarter mushroom and cut into slices, add to pan

4. Add risotto rice to pan and stir on a high heat

5. When risotto rice has browned, begin to add stock

(Add enough stock to cover rice, let it sit until there is nearly no more stock, and then add more)

6. When the last of the stock has almost been absorbed, stir in steak slices and the cream

7. Transfer to bowl or plate, add a curl of butter, sprinkle with Herbes de provence, and serve!

*’Herbes de provence’ contains: Rosemary, Savory, Thyme, Majoram, Oregano

**These were pre-cooked slices I bought at the store, if you can’t buy them, then either leave this out or cook a small portion of beef. This is perfect for using any leftover meats you might have in your fridge!

…I would have posted a photo of the finished dish, but I was too hungry and ate it before I thought of doing so. Oops!

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