Unintentional technological detox.

I’ve lost my phone.

I’ve lost my phone.

I’ve lost my phone.

…I lost it last night, I had been using it on the sofa and then somehow in between getting up to get cheese and making a cup of tea, it managed to hop into a parallel universe. I know what you’re thinking, surely it’s just around said sofa? You’d be wrong. I’ve looked everywhere in the room, and all the places I usually bring it in the house – which is quite a number of rooms. We went up into Edinburgh today to Camera Obscura, potentially the most camera-friendly tourist attraction in town, and I had to go through without my phone! Grrr.

Thankfully I got my sister to take some photos, so I’ve got something! Also afterwards we went to a cafe and I had nachos with cheese, haggis and beans. Yes, haggis! Om nom nom.

Will upload at some point, maybe. If I ever find my phone.

In other news, I’m not going back to Melbourne this week, rather I’m going back next Friday! I’m staying an extra week just to be with family more and to travel back with them – also conveniently this means I can catch the first two days of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival! Huzzah.


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