100th post! Quick, think of something meaningful!

Eep, 100 posts! One more follower and I’d be on 100 followers too…. *hint hint wink wink angelic smile*

I’ve always found that it’s good to break into triple digits on a blog, purely because that means I haven’t run out of steam and dried up all my ideas. Hopefully there’s plenty more to come!

Since I suppose this is a purely self-praising post, if you don’t have a wordpress account (or even if you do!) but enjoy this blog, you should like it’s page on Facebook, and my posts will come up in your newsfeed! The ‘Like’ button should be further down the page below where this post finishes. One click and you’ll get all the updates (and make me a very happy blogger)!

Anyway, thanks to those who follow this blog. It’s nice to think my ramblings and thoughts aren’t just sent out into silence! :]


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