Confessions of an indecisive 20 year old.

I’m super indecisive, especially when it comes down to anything permanent regarding my body. As a result of this, I’ve never gotten my ears pierced. …I know, right? I probably should have, but there’s always that bit of me going ‘once you pierce them, there’s no going back!’, and another part worrying that I wouldn’t suit earrings, being a sporty person and all. But every now and then I’ll see a pair of earrings that I’m dying to wear, only to remember I haven’t taken the plunge yet. I may have even bought a pair or two, because deep down I know it’s only a matter of time till I cave and get them done.

…and then there’s tattoos. I’m a long long loooong way off seriously considering getting one (don’t worry Mum, if you’ve found this post!), but despite that I already know what I’d get, and have a pretty clear idea of one or two places I might get the design. In the meantime I do henna tattoos whenever I have the time/can be bothered, in all sorts of designs and sizes!

Blargh. I came so close to piercing my ears the other day, but wimped out just before the words “okay, I’ll do it” could leave my mouth.

…maybe one day.


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