Foodie Friday: Nachos… with haggis?!

You know what they say… when in Rome! Or Scotland, in my case. Being Scottish, this meal doesn’t phase me in the slightest, in fact when I saw it on the menu I absolutely HAD to order it! If you can’t tell, it’s nachos with haggis, cheese and beans. Yummy! This is from Castle Cafe, which is just off the Royal Mile in Edinburgh down one of the close’s near Camera Obscura.

The haggis was delicious! It was smooth and creamy and full of flavour, and not dry at all, like I’ve had at other places. Appearance wise it’s not the fanciest of dishes, but the flavours definitely make up for it! Please please please, I know it has a reputation surrounding it, but I seriously think that everyone who can should at least try haggis once. If you don’t like it, then fair enough, but it’s such a tasty food that people are put off purely because of what’s in it. I mean, what kind of people eat raw fish but turn their noses up at a perfectly cooked dish? It’s not like we don’t eat stranger things! *rant over*

The food came really quickly, and the service was great. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re looking for somewhere to have lunch in Edinburgh, and with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival kicking off just recently, I’m sure it’ll be a popular choice of place to grab a quick bite in between shows!


5 thoughts on “Foodie Friday: Nachos… with haggis?!

    • domccus says:

      Yeah, haggis is great! I had never thought to have it with nachos, I saw it on the menu and was impressed with the idea! They had it as a panini filler as well, which I may be trying today πŸ˜›

  1. perthians says:

    Oh no! Only the Scottish could do this to nacho’s lol. Well at least it’s not deep fried in lard or porridge in disguise. I lived there for 2 years and I’ve never been so slim haha.

    • domccus says:

      Aw, but haggis is great! Yeah, I’m glad the fat content wasn’t too gut-busting… Slim? In Scotland? That’s an achievement! I always put on weight when I go back!!

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