5am hauntings.

Do you ever have one of those dreams where you’re with someone, and everything is amazing and you’re happy and things are moving along and everything is going really well – and then you wake up and realise all those wonderful things would never actually happen and you’re so silly for thinking they ever could?

Yeah, one of those mornings. And by morning I mean 5:30am. Silly jet lag, I’m not even sure what time zone I’m in now. Hawaii or something. Pfft. I’m actually being pretty productive in the mornings, so it’s no biggie. I’ve been listening to a rendition of Ke$ha’s ‘Blow’ without auto-tune in the mornings, it’s just so hauntingly beautiful and so so different from the original, you should check it out!

In other happier news, I think I’ve found a venue for my 21st! Not so stressed anymore, hopefully I can bash out all the details before the weekend finishes. That’d be an immense weight off my shoulders :]


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