Whoa, dial that back?

Wow. So I’ve been clearing out my computer and I found two old things that both brought me to saying ‘oh my goodness I didn’t remember that – BUT NOW I DO’

First off there was an old MSN (yeah, it’s that old) conversation in which an old coach of mine (no names, just in case) was asking me about my love life. Whoa! At the time I didn’t even bat an eyelid, and in return asked him about his. We actually had a full-on discussion about a guy I was seeing and a girl he was! If the same conversation were to arise between him and myself today, I’m sure the discourse would be no different, but that’s because I feel like I’ve known him long enough to actually open up. I don’t know how I was so easy going before. I was probably just happy for someone to gossip to.

Second was a more sombre find. I dug up an old poem that a guy had written about me. Me, and another man specifically. Which was so nostalgic that I felt the rush of feelings come back from high school days. Aiyaa.

I need to clean my computer out more often, obviously.


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