Review: Giraffe!


If you find yourself at Heathrow airport, terminal 5 – as I did the other day – I definitely recommend going to grab a bite at Giraffe! I first went there at the request of my nieces a few years ago, purely because they give you giraffe stirrers (below) with each smoothie. Simple as that, I was sold! I only had to hope that the food was good too.


…and it was! I was surprised by the range of food they offered – if you want a place filled with ‘safe’ options and nothing else, I’d go elsewhere. That said, they do a spread of salads, and they do a damn good burger. Quite a variety of them, too. They also have a childrens menu, with the standard fare of food that’s familiar enough that kids won’t turn their noses up at it.


…I eventually settled on the Jambalaya risotto with chicken, prawn & chorizo (£11.95), which is described as “spicy risotto with grilled aubergine, peppers and courgettes” – the chicken, prawn and chorizo were an add on, so if you’re vegetarian, you’re not out of luck!


Man, I can’t resist a risotto. This one was divine, and may just be subject to me trying to replicate it at home… if I ever do, I’ll put a recipe up here! The risotto was plump and flavourful, the courgettes and peppers contrasting beautifully – and the prawns, chicken and chorizo were cooked to perfection! The portion size was generous and definitely didn’t leave you hungry.

My only criticism is that I had to leave for my flight soon after and I didn’t have time to finish it all, I felt awful that I had to just cram as much in my mouth before we left. But oh my, I’ll definitely be ordering it next time. I may even schedule in a longer stay at the airport to make sure I can finish it.



London Heathrow Airport,

Terminal 5 (Upstairs, just to the left once you come through the security area)


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