Wandering the ship for the first time, she found herself walking through one of the many bars on board. She scanned the room and was met with the usual, dark wooden walls, old worn-leather couches, and framed photographs of legendary sporting moments lining the walls. She looked to the bar, with multiple screens showing the same channel – something she never quite understood – when something, or rather someone caught her attention. Beachy blonde hair, and a tall, slim build hunched over the bar, glued to the action on the screens…


A second proper glance was all it took to shatter the illusion. It wasn’t him, but the mere thought was enough to shake her. What would she have done if it had been him? They hadn’t spoken in over a year, not since things had gone so downhill, so fast.

It had been a whirlwind summer romance. She had admired him from afar until then, when he chose to woo her. To knock her walls down and march into her life, consequences be damned… and damned they were. After weeks of playful flirting, she let him in. The warm days followed filled with sweet romance, the nights with lustful passion. Then one morning he just went cold and vanished without a word, and whilst she hadn’t called it love, her heart still ached.

She had tried calling him, and he just wouldn’t pick up. He would act awkward at social gatherings that they both attended, making his best efforts to always be at the opposite end of the room to her. In the end she just gave up, and accepted that sometimes things just don’t work out.

She found out that he had been seeing someone else, and that their time together had been nothing more to him than some fun before he got serious in his relationship.

Shaking her head and letting out a sigh, she walked through and out of the bar. Maybe the next place had something better in store for her.


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