Why children want to go to the moon, but teenagers want to go to the mall.

The way we act, more so the motivations behind the reasons we act the way we do change drastically when we grow up. If we look at children, it’s not an uncommon tale to hear from parents that their child dressed himself or herself that morning in something that they felt like wearing (yet looks ridiculous), but refuse to take it off. When they have a bunch of toys among them, a child will always try to take the toy that they want first. When they’re asked where they want to go or what they want to do, they’re always so beautifully and often inconveniently honest.

Yet fast forward 10-15 years and suddenly they’re dressing the way society pictures as ‘beautiful’ and ‘sexy’, and behaving more and more promiscuous – the way they think they should. What happened? Why is there suddenly this guilt placed over all of us at that dictates that we must act the way we’re shown or be seen as ugly and wrong?

What do you think?

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