Foodie Friday: Pings!

Now, do not take this as an understatement in the slightest when I say that Pings Dumpling Kitchen does the best dumplings I’ve ever had outside of Hong Kong.

Seriously. If you’re in Clayton, Melbourne – heck if you’re in Melbourne at all, I’d recommend making the journey out to try them, at least ONCE. If you don’t like them, what is wrong with you? I’m sure you have your reasons, but honestly, this is coming from a girl who grew up in freakin’ Hong Kong. I know what good asian food is, and it’s right there.


Typical fare when with friends: 4 x 15 dumplings. Nom.

My choice of dish is the pan-fried pork dumplings (pictured above), and for $8.80 you get 15. Which is enough to satiate the biggest of stomachs. Even I somehow manage to fit them all in, despite being small!

Pings Dumpling Kitchen

330 Clayton Road, Clayton VIC 3168

(Cash only)


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