Cuff Buttons

It all started with cuff buttons.

It was quarter past six, and we were still getting ready to go. I rummaged through my bag, checking that I had everything I needed. Damn. “Where’s my phone?” I called across to the lazy lump of a man sitting in the chair. He looked at me, raised his eyebrows, and with a gaze full of mock pity, pointed to the phone in my hand. Ah. I stuffed it in the bag, and began to walk towards the door. It was then I noticed the buttons on my cuffs were undone. Double Damn. “Could you help me do these up?” I asked, turning to face him and biting my lip. Dexterity was never one of my strong points, so trying to do them myself would result in disaster. Mocking annoyance, he winked at me and came over to help.

He took my hands in his, and stared into my eyes. I returned the gesture, searching within his eyes for the answer to the question that had been burning in my mind for the past few weeks. Just as I began to feel myself lean forward, he broke the connection and looked down at my cuffs. “Lets see if we can fix this then, shall we?” he said teasingly, before slowly sliding his hands up my arm to do up the buttons. The room fell silent. I felt him take a step forward, so we were now only inches apart, and I felt a flush of warmth rise within me.

His eyes rose and met mine. We became locked in that moment, and I was unsure of what to do. Then, all of a sudden, my phone rang and I jumped. Jumped forwards. Into his arms. Into his embrace.

It all happened so fast. His arms slid around my waist, and drew me in towards his chest, his lips descending onto mine with all the passion of a long kept secret bursting through. I returned his kisses, running my hands through his hair and feeling a new unquenchable need to stay in that room with him for forever and a day. His hands traced up my spine from where they had been rested on the small of my back, and found their way to my collar. His burning eyes pierced my own as he grazed his hands across my collarbone and tugged at my blouse. “Let’s see if we can fix this…” he mumbled, a confident smirk settled on his face. He lowered his eyes, to meet mine, winked and whispered, “You know, I think we’re going to be rather late.”
“I know,” I joked, “…your girlfriend won’t be pleased”
“Indeed… Oh well.” I was about to protest against his lack of care, but he silenced me with another kiss. His fingers began to unfasten the buttons on my blouse, and as he skimmed his lips across my neck and onto my collarbone, I couldn’t help but wonder why this hadn’t happened sooner. We had been close for quite a long time, and this definitely wasn’t the first time we had been alone. However as my shirt fell crumpled on the floor, and I saw the fire in his eyes, I couldn’t really care less.

Then his mobile rang. The sound of his ringtone pierced the air, yet it made us laugh at it’s ridiculous tune. But it was his girlfriend. I saw a flash of panic on his face, but he simply took his mobile, looked at me, and transferred the call to his voicemail. He let out a rough, hearty laugh, and kissed my forehead. We eventually decided that it’d be best if we left and joined the others, rather than be caught alone together. I pulled on my shirt, fastened it, then we left.

…I never noticed my cuff buttons were still undone.


[Written 13.3.09]


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