Big muffins, blonde hair and getting wired.

Man, do you ever have weeks that just absolutely fly by? This has been one of those… Busy busy busy! Brief run down of my week (not in order), from top left round clockwise: I HAD A MASSIVE MUFFIN. I mean, it was the size of my face. But it was good. Nom nom. Also this week I started re-watching digimon, which I haven’t seen since I was a kid. Patamon is my favourite, he’s my spirit animal. I went to check out the venue for my 21st on Friday night, which turned out to be really nice! Stayed there for a drink, then wandered around the city, poutine in hand.


Somehow on Wednesday night I got inexplicably (well, it was a close friend’s birthday, so not so much ‘inexplicably’ as much as ‘excessively’) drunk. Huzzah! I had 10 different types of alcohol, and somehow managed to avoid a hangover! Once I figure out how you can be sure I’ll be patenting my genes and selling it to the nearest willing pharmaceutical company. Also yesterday I went to see Monsters University with Cat, Tash and Chris. Yep, we’re totally mature, popcorn, choc tops and all! After that Tash and Chris came back to mine for some quality tv – we sat and watched through half of the first season of Angry Beavers. Nostalgia through the roof!


Side note, I’m really digging these photo collage things – I went on a bit of an app spree the other week. Hooray for technology! Anywho, on with the pseudo-diary-entries-that-are-just-me-explaining-the-photos. Top left is me with my new hair colour! Just kidding. Found a fringe headband in the shops, very strange. Top middle of the above photoset is perhaps the cutest dog in my neighbourhood, he/she belongs to my neighbour, and is super timid but at the same time really really curious about everything. I walk past and they always try to come as close as possible, but not too close. Cuute. ALSO my sock obsession has made me really happy, I wore a different pair each day and eee, I don’t think I’ve ever been so amused by such a trivial thing. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever said the phrase “Hey look at my feet!” more in my life.

I got signed up to be a lab rat in Physiology on Friday. Quite fun, really! Pretty simple experiment, I had to get super wired up (wires ALL over the place, the ECG ones had to go er, up my shirt..) and then exercise for 5 minutes, and then drool and get re-wired every 10-ish minutes. Ah, fun. Never have I had to drool for something before, that was interesting. By the end I was teaching the other subjects how to drool… ah, it is my destiny to teach. Hopefully not just how to drool though, that’d be a boring (and very unhygienic) class. Icky.


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