How very Easter… in August.


Typical me. I’m sitting thinking, ‘ooh, what should I do on my nails this time’, and my mind just goes ‘EASTER DO EASTER EGGS I WANT TO DO PASTELS AND EASTER AND CHOCOLATE AND AHHHHH’. I had to resist the urge to actually paint lines and dots and stuff on my nails, so I could at least pass this off as just a pastel design. But eh, who knows, next week I might have Christmas-y nails! …I’m just that special.


Polishes used:

  • Revlon 85 ‘Minted’
  • Revlon 89 ‘Sunshine Sparkle’
  • Revlon 140 ‘Blushed’*
  • Ulta 3 Clear

*If I were to do this again I wouldn’t use the ‘Blushed’ for the pink, it’s really glossy compared to the other two and it doesn’t really match, although if you were to use a high-gloss top coat (or a matte one for that matter) it would probably make it alright.


What do you think?

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